Insomnia can be incredibly distressing. With sleep deficiency being linked to various medical complications as well as worsening mental health symptoms, finding treatments that address insomnia is a must. 

According to one study that explored a particular psychotherapy intervention, 73 percent of sufferers of acute insomnia were cured after therapy. Learn how working with a psychiatric professional who can explore different treatment options can potentially find you lasting insomnia treatment. 

Finding The Root Issue 

Sometimes, the cause of your insomnia could be related to stress or mental and emotional problems. Understanding why you face insomnia can be pivotal in knowing what to do. Psychotherapy allows you to explore potential reasons that may be contributing to you having difficulty sleeping. 

Working with a trained, trusted psychiatric professional in a safe, comfortable environment can give you the tools and space to understand and ultimately treat your insomnia. 

Helping You Find and Create a Sleep Routine 

Knowing what is causing your insomnia may not automatically allow you to sleep. Sometimes, the habits surrounding your bedtime routine can prevent your from getting quality rest. 

For those suffering from insomnia, poor sleep routines can worsen the issue. A professional can help workshop and implement behaviors, tips, and tricks to create a routine and environment ideally suited for sleep. 

Utilizing Medication for Sleep Aid 

While working with a psychiatric professional can help find lasting solutions, you still need to be able to sleep now. In these instances, medication can be prescribed to help you sleep. While certain prescription sleeping aids aren’t recommended for more than a few weeks, there are long-term sleep medications should that be what you need. 

Find Insomnia Treatment in New York, NY

Insomnia is incredibly prevalent, with one in four Americans developing the sleep disorder each year. Working with psychiatric professionals who offer comprehensive treatments suited to the individual is an excellent way to find insomnia treatments personalized for you. 

At AVI MIND, each care provider is dedicated to providing you with the necessary care you need. Board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners Racquel Weinberger, PMHNP-BC, and Avigail Spetner, PMHNP-BC, are driven by offering comprehensive, holistic approaches to treatment. 

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