psychiatric evaluation is a tool used by psychiatric professionals to determine if a patient is experiencing a mental health condition. Psychiatric providers can determine the most effective treatment by providing a professional diagnosis and learning more about your unique situation. 

When struggling with symptoms of a mental illness, it can be difficult to take that first step towards treatment. People may mistakenly believe their symptoms aren’t severe or that treatment won’t work. Mental health treatments are available, but you must have the courage to take the first step. 

These are some possible indicators that it may be time for you to schedule a psychiatric evaluation with AVI MIND P.C.

#1: You’re Struggling To Take Care of Yourself

A common sign that your mental health is suffering is that you’re struggling to meet your basic needs of care. Examples may include difficulty getting out of bed, maintaining everyday hygiene, or making meals.

#2: Your Memory Is Being Affected

Mental health can be distracting, making concentrating at work or school difficult. If you notice you’re more forgetful or you’re struggling to concentrate, this may be a sign of mental illness, such as anxiety or depression. 

#3: Your Current Treatment Isn’t Working

If you are currently receiving treatment and have found that it is not effective at improving your symptoms, then a psychiatric evaluation can help. Psychiatric providers spend time getting to know you and your symptoms so they can best treat your individual needs. It’s possible you have been misdiagnosed or that you’re not working with an experienced provider. Consider scheduling a psychiatric evaluation to get an updated diagnosis and treatment plan.

#4: Friends & Family Have Shown Concern

While your friends and family are may not be qualified to diagnose your symptoms, they often know you well enough to notice when something is different. If someone close to you has voiced concern about sudden changes in your mood or behaviors, consider scheduling a psychiatric evaluation. 

Book a Psychiatric Evaluation 

At AVI MIND P.C., Avigail Spetner and Racquel Weinberger are experienced in conducting psychiatric evaluations. They are both board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners with experience working with patients with OCD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more. You can rest assured they will provide you with compassionate care and an accurate assessment of your symptoms. Book a psychiatric evaluation online or call 516-464-8404.